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Parents are vital to the success of Lakeshore Thunder.  Lakeshore Thunder is a volunteer, non-profit organization with a governing board. We need the participation of ALL our families to make Lakeshore Thunder a successful organization. Parents are needed and expected to play a supporting role in this organization.


Contact: for more information on how to volunteer!


*Each Committee will have someone who oversees the volunteers in it and ensures things are being accomplished and running smoothly. 

*Committee Duties and Responsibilities may be changed or updated as the season progresses.

Parent Volunteer Committees

Concessions Committee

  • Keep track of concessions stock

  • Send low supply needs to Committee overseer

  • Check cash box balance sheet at the end of each game.

  • Once a month count out excess cash  for deposit.

  • Ensure volunteers are scheduled for each home game and oversee setup and operations

Social Media Team

  • Update Social Media accounts on a regular basis: Instagram and Facebook

  • Post an update once weekly - include photos and highlights

  • Add events to the Facebook Page

Tournament Travel Planning Committee

  • Find hotels for the group to stay during tournaments 

  • Relay hotel/booking information to parents

  • Calculate a flat fee/cost for players needing to travel with another family

  • Ensure that player waivers are filled out before deadlines

  • Collect any fees from parents associated with tournaments

Home Game Setup/Cleanup Crew

  • Arrive early to home games to setup

  • Stay after games to ensure cleanup is done well

Banquet Planning Committee

  • Plan end of season banquet

  • Plan and coordinate food

  • Compile RSVPs

  • Plan decorations and supplies needed 

  • Coordinate setup and cleanup the day of the banquet

Fundraising Committee

  • Research Fundraisers

  • Plan Fundraisers for players/families to participate in

  • Oversee Fundraiser operations and conclusion

Senior Night Coordinator

  • Plan this celebration for a home game towards the end of the season

  • Coordinate with parents of seniors

  • Plan for balloons, decor and flowers

  • Create itinerary for half time or game end announcement.

  • Coordinate speaker and microphone setup for announcement.

Thunder Home Game Sign Up


Click Here to go to the Sign Up Genius!

Please make sure to volunteer for the *minimum* requirement that is specified on the Sign Up. 

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