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Lakeshore Thunder is a Christian organization that strives to  build godly character through skill development and competitive sports. 

  • This is a competitive program.

  • Playing time may not be equal or guaranteed.

  • We will encourage our students to work hard to accomplish the following goal: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” (Colossians 3:23)

  • We will strive to win as a team rather than to pursue equal time for all athletes. 

  • We will seek to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all our words, actions and attitudes.


Code of Conduct

  All athletes are:

  • To conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner on and off the playing area.

  • To respect and follow the directions of the coaches.

  • To accept all calls of the officials.

  • To exhibit a sportsmanlike attitude at all times.

  • To play as a part of a team and not for self-glorification.

  • To be courteous and respectful to the opponents.

  • To be respectful of the facilities and all equipment including uniform care.

  • To be present at all practices and games, unless excused by their parent.

  • To notify coaches of all absences as soon as possible.

  • To be humble in winning a game and gracious in losing a game.

  • Consumption of alcohol, use of tobacco, use of illicit drugs, immoral, malicious, or felonious activity by a student athlete could result in a four game suspension. Second offenses could result in suspension from 50% of the remaining games in the season (with four games being the minimum). Third offenses may result in expulsion from participation without refund of fees. Final decision on punishment lies with the Coach and/or Board.


Code of Conduct

We believe that parents have the God-given authority over, and responsibility for, their children.

By enrolling your child in this athletic program, you are delegating authority to the coach during practices, games and all other times that he/she is responsible for the athletes.

  Parents are expected:

  • To maintain good communications with coaches and athletic director/team liaison regarding practices, games, etc. (1)

  • To assist the coach in enforcing the Athlete’s Code of Conduct.

  • To accept the official’s decisions.

  • To refrain from showing displeasure toward officials, players, coaches, and the opposing team.

  • To accept the outcome of the game in a Christ-like manner. (2)

  • To ensure their child attends practices and games.

  • To participate in fund-raising events, to attend games, and to volunteer when needed. (3)

  • To contact the team liaison before approaching a coach regarding playing time, criticisms or suggestions. (4)

  • To observe a 24 hour waiting period after a game and after speaking with the team liaison before approaching coaches with any questions, criticisms or suggestions. (5)


& Code of Conduct Annotations

   Parents are expected:

  • (1) To communicate with coaches ASAP regarding absences, ideally at least one week before tournaments and 24 hours before practices. Communication between parent and coach is critical to the success of the team. Openness needs to be tempered with discretion and love. Refrain from using email to discuss sensitive issues.

  • (2) To accept the outcome of the game in a Christ-like manner. Honor Christ during interactions with coaches, officials, other parents, and players especially at games. Win and lose graciously.

  • (3) To serve in volunteer roles. All parents/guardians are required to sign up to volunteer and be actively involved in the program.

  • (4) To attend games and be available to help when needed.

  • (5) To attend parent meetings.

  • NOTE: Participation in tournaments is expected. In addition to the regular season game schedule, Lakeshore Thunder plans for upper level teams to participate in a number of area, regional and national tournaments. Upper level teams may participate in one or more tournaments that require overnight stay. All travel arrangements must be made by the parents of the Student Athletes. Parents are responsible for travel to and from tournaments and for arranging overnight hotel stays and supervision. 

  • NOTE: Lakeshore Thunder does not plan to participate in regular season games or tournaments that would require overnight stays for lower level teams.

  • NOTE: Coaches will do what’s best for the whole team and not any individual child. This is a competitive program. Playing time may not be equal or guaranteed.

  • NOTE: Realize that coaches are fallible and will make mistakes as we all do. Pray for coaches and show grace. Remember that it is ALWAYS easier to critique a situation after it has occurred; whereas coaches make countless decisions in the moment, prior to knowing the outcome. Be positive about coaches with players.

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